For Entrepreneurs

Please submit/email at,  brief write up/PPT about your business proposal which shall include the following details.


Detailed background of the promoters / top management of the company

Contact details of the promoter / key managerial person


  1. Location details and area of operation
  2. Company structure& shareholding
  3. Basic Company details
  4. The team involved

Products / Services:

  1. Theproduct/service offered  along with Unique Selling Proposition of the products / services
  2. BasicBusiness Model
  3. Pain Point it addresses
  4. Differentiating factors from the current products / services in the market
  5. Company’s technology vis-à-vis current technologies
  6. Entry barriers for the new entrants
  7. Pipeline of the products / services
  8. Proof of concept
  9. Milestones achieved till date


  1. Size of the addressable market
  2. Macroeconomic/Microeconomic critical factors of the Industry
  3. Marketing plan and target market
  4. Sales and distribution strategy

Business Model:

  1. Fund requirement and detailed fund utilization plans
  2. Brief Financial forecasting
  3. Revenue model